SUMMER SPECIAL only $99.00 for two months of classes - includes a full uniform and belt. Offer expires on June 30th. Children and Adults.

Villari's Martial Arts Center 

Villari’s Martial Arts Centers  offer instruction for children, teens and adults.  Training in Shaolin Kempo Karate, Jui Jitsui, Kung Fu, Self Defense and Tai Chi is offered.  Villari’s Martial Arts Center is a part of a larger and established school of Martial Arts founded by Grand Master Fred Villari in 1968. The system has deep roots in Chinese and Japanese styles of fighting and
self-defense. Immersion in this training will bring greater confidence,
knowledge and ability to protect oneself and those around you.

shaolin-kempo Karate 

jiu jitsu

kung fu

Self defense

tai chi

Registration for classes is done onsite.  Come early to register for the first time